We get to know and foster Piper our rescue dog

We had a lovely week of getting to know our new dog, Piper. We had noticed that he was having trouble with his left ear, so we phoned Jeanne at Miss Mollies on Monday. She registered him with Miss Mollies rescue and I made an appointment and we were able to see the vet at 6pm that evening. Piper did not like having ear drops put in so I held him. I took the drops with instruction on how to apply them and we had an appointment to come back the following Tuesday for him to have a check up. Piper was most reluctant to get into the car to go to the vets, so Beth lifted him in. She loves to pop in and see him after work. I am getting fitter walking him twice a day; the longer walk being in the morning. We go along a path through woods and a bridal path up to the entrance of the Yorkshire Showground and back. The morning walk lasts about an hour including his many sniffing sessions en route! Beth got us a soft muzzle as Piper became snappy when we tried to treat his ears. That made the treatment easier but we felt awful when he yelped, although a treat afterwards helped him feel happier. He is very forgiving and loving. We had to have a painkiller for a time too as he was in a lot of pain. That helped us do the treatments.
As the week progressed he began to gain in confidence with other dogs. At first he cowered but gradually found his voice to object if the dogs were too persistent in their attentions. On Wednesday when our gardener came it was pouring with rain, so poor Martyn soldiered on for the best part of three hours. When he put his hood up Piper became very protective of our home and barked at Martyn, so my beloved re-introduced him to Martyn who soon became a friend after he gave him a treat.
I got soaked on a number of walks but after his first reluctance to go out in the rain, Piper did go out. He has a smooth shorthaired coat so he feels the rain more. My beloved came out on at least three of the afternoon walks with us, so we did not go as far. Piper is now marking the route as we go along, as he familiarises himself with the area. The weather is warm but very changeable for the time of year. We make the most of the sunshine whenever it comes. Piper bounds down the garden every morning full of energy after a good night’s sleep. Each morning he loves to come up and greet my beloved if I allow him. If my beloved is especially tired or still asleep I shut the door to keep Piper downstairs whilst I get up, so he is not disturbed too early. Beth took Piper for a walk on Saturday afternoon which meant I could have a rest. At least the weather was better on Saturday except for sudden heavy showers. It was a lovely week with our foster dog, Piper, whom we hope to adopt if Jeanne is agreeable. He is already part of our family.

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2 Responses to We get to know and foster Piper our rescue dog

  1. Pet Barrier says:

    Aww, what a wonderful story! I’m sure Piper will be very happy when she becomes part of your family! 🙂 Ellie

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