Piper our rescue dog gains in confidence

On Sunday July 3rd after lunch I took my friends Molly and Sheila to Scotton for an open Garden afternoon in aid of the Malawi orphanage.  Her retired social worker friend Helen was raising money to take with her when she goes for 3 months and her husband will join her for the final month to do repair work.  They had paid for their fares and the afternoon raised more than £800.  They were fortunate with the lovely warm sunny day; we had a drink and a cake in the shade.  It was a good garden to show off.

On Tuesday we took Piper to the vet to get his ears checked and he was given another dose to make sure the infection had cleared up. This time my beloved came with me and sat in the back with Piper which made the journey easier.  He is still not keen on travelling in the car.  However we had decided we wanted to adopt Piper and Jeanne at Miss Mollies approved.  We decided to buy a harness so we could make Piper safer in the car and not have to choke him, when walking, if he decided to go in the direction we did not want him to.  We bought him a bed too but he still prefers to be on the couch especially with us!!  At first when I took him for walks his tail would often be between his legs or hanging down, and he cowered from other dogs. As he has gained in confidence he now greets other dogs or snarls and barks to show he can stand up for himself!!  Gradually over the weeks his tail has been carried higher, till now it is mostly proudly up!  It is great to see his confidence growing. We both love him so much.

On Thursday Cathy was arriving back for a good number of weeks and I was very happy about that, as it is always great to see her.  Brian, my prayer partner and I met together for prayer, which is always a blessing I find. We discuss the issues we are concerned about and then pray as we feel led.

On Friday I was helping students at the Acorn Centre with computers, which I love.  I do hope we will be able to continue with the WEA Computer course in September; unfortunately it is difficult to get enough students interested to enrol and people with mental health difficulties cannot always attend regularly, depending on how they are coping day to day. When I was recovering from my breakdown I found it a helpful focus to go out and be with people who understood; even if I could not stop weeping. I was so fortunate to receive the help and support I needed to aid my recovery.

Beth popped in to see Piper and us!  I had a drink with her at M&S after work.

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2 Responses to Piper our rescue dog gains in confidence

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I loved your perceptive comments on how Piper is settling down, and perking up slowly on walks

  2. helenbeech says:

    He is much more confident and today we signed the form to adopt him officially. He has a lot of vocal sounds to show excitement, anticipation or pleasure. He is lovely.

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