Time with family and friends

On Monday July 11th I enjoyed spending time with Cathy as I took her for an appointment in Leeds.  It is always a pleasure to spend time with her when she is home.  I was able to spend more time with her on Wednesday too which was lovely.  Cathy had got a ‘groupon’ voucher, so we enjoyed a free afternoon tea at Darley Mill. We had a sandwich, a scone and a choice of cake; I chose a piece of carrot cake and Cathy chose lemon drizzle cake and we had half each of each.

On Thursday I went to the Guild Meeting in Molly’s garden and fortunately the weather remained fine.  It was lovely to relax with my friends then.  My beloved relaxed with Piper.  I thought I had better not take Piper in case he took a fancy to digging up her lovely garden!  As usual Lynn had set us a quiz and as usual I did not do very well!  I certainly missed my beloved’s valuable input; he is always can work out clues better than I can.  Once we knew the answers they were obvious!!  It took me back in time to the treasure hunt we used to have at Oatlands Chapel years ago; it nearly led to divorce proceedings for my first husband Stephen and myself!  We usually did not do well; I do not like competitions, but Stephen always felt mortified if we did not do well!  We solved the conflict by my driving and leaving Stephen to find the clues or I went on the treasure hunt with someone else.  The best part of the treasure hunt was the fish and chips tea afterwards!

On Friday I helped at the Acorn Centre which I enjoyed.  The students have varying needs and it always good to see them.   Beth came to see us after work or rather to see Piper!  I had a drink and cake with her at M&S.

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