A quieter week

On Monday July 25th we got up in good time for breakfast at 8 am, so we would not be setting off home too late. After time away I am always eager to head for home.  Cathy, Fran, Lauren and I sat together for breakfast and we had a lot of hilarity; it always makes me feel good to have a good laugh.  It was lovely to see Lauren back to her normal vivacious chattiness at breakfast having had a good night’s sleep. Cathy was coming back with Fran and me; Beth had spent the previous night in her campervan and would make her way back later than us.  Having repacked and loaded the car, we said our farewells, set my Satnav to navigate for home, we set off.  The route advised by the Satnav took us along the A1M; it turned out to be much more direct than our journey down the MI on Saturday.  When I dropped Cathy off she and Fran felt cold in comparison with Chelmsford.  I still thought it was warm enough.  We made good time and reached home not long after lunch time.  It was good to be home and Piper was really pleased and excited to see me home!  It was lovely to have such a great welcome.  He must have thought I had gone completely.

I slept really well at home and it was great to see how my beloved and Piper had bonded so much better.  Beth was apparently the only person on the campsite on Sunday night but slept well as it was so quiet and peaceful.  She did not set off as early as we had but she found that more relaxing.

I had a quieter week relaxing at home with Piper and my beloved, whilst I completed my preparations for my service on the following Sunday.  On Friday I enjoyed a treat of a massage, which was very relaxing. It was a restful week after the previous exciting family weekend, which I was glad of.

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4 Responses to A quieter week

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I have so enjoyed your account of the party at Christine’s! You are so good at telling the story.

  2. helenbeech says:

    Thanks! I enjoy looking back to occasions and sharing my experience. I like to share what I do with others. I feel so fortunate to be part of our family. It is a special treat to have a couple of nights away.

  3. Fran Richards says:

    Wonderfully full account of the super weekend! Thanks to Selwyn for pointing us to it. Ruth’s “unusual costume” was in fact also a Regency get-up but she chose to dress as a man!

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