We gain a new family member

On Tuesday 2nd August we finally officially adopted our lovely rescue dog Piper.  We completed all the paper work and gave a donation to the charity of £150.  It is great to own him properly.  We have got a tag with our postcode and phone number on in case he gets lost and we have insured him.  We will use the same vet used by the charity, ‘Shamrock’.  Now our dog is developing a wide range of vocal sounds to express his pleasure, impatience or excitement.  He loves patrolling his territory in the back garden and barks if he hears talking next door and when people come to our home until he is introduced.  He is so loving and pleased to see us when we come down in the morning and when he returns from a walk with me.  Beth helps us by walking Piper at weekends in the afternoon, which gives me a rest, which is welcome.  Piper has taken a fancy to our shoes and slippers to get our attention. Beth keeps buying toys for him to play with and treats.

On Saturday 6th August, which was the 17th anniversary of my beloved and my engagement, we both took the bus to town to go to a special meeting of our Local Labour Party to nominate the candidate for the Leadership election; we nominated by majority Jeremy Corbyn.  My beloved and I were pleased we had been able to vote at the nomination meeting.  We celebrated our anniversary by sharing some Prosecco.

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