A Companion for Piper was unsuccessful

On Monday August 15th I got some shopping for my friend and took Piper over to meet her; she could see how settled Piper was with me.  Piper was pleased to come in the car with me; he hates to be left behind!  I was pleased to see that my friend was looking much better than the previous week.

We had our Bible Study that afternoon and Molly was able to come; she was impressed by our completed extension, as she had missed a number of meetings.  Piper accepted the visitors without problem; he barked at Rosemary when she walked in but was wagging his tail, then he just settled down during our meeting.  Molly shared her testimony and we began to look at what different people in the first century thought about Jesus in John’s gospel and Acts.  We looked at the beginnings of the gospels where the writers set out their reasons for writing the accounts of Jesus’ life.  Time flew as the study stimulated our conversation.  It was a time of sharing and learning new insights from each other.

On Tuesday we were looking forward to meeting a little dog as a possible companion for Piper.  We were expecting Jeanne at 10.00 but she did not arrive till after 12.00 with Romeo.  Romeo was a Heinz 57 variety dog including spaniel and maybe Pekinese.  The dogs walked well together and Piper accepted Romeo in the house as a visitor. They ran up the garden together and seemed to get on, so Jeanne left Romeo with us to see how we got on.  Apart from Piper growling when Romeo came near the sofa, they seemed to tolerate each other.

My beloved gave Romeo more attention and I stayed with Piper so he did not feel left out.  Beth came over as she was curious to see what Romeo was like and she watched to see how Piper reacted. We all took the dogs out and that was fine.  Beth was intrigued to see how it would go with Romeo.  We had both told Jeanne that it all depended on how Piper reacted.  When we tried to feed Romeo, he unlike Piper did not seem to like the food we had offered to him, so I rang Jeanne, who suggested adding some soft food, as he was probably a little unsettled.  He did eat a little but was not as interested in food, as Piper is, so of course Piper polished off the remainder!!

Romeo was good at playing with the toys Beth had been giving Piper and enjoyed the garden. At other times Romeo became like a shadow behind us; he needed constant attention.  It made me realise that Piper was much more accommodating when he rested on the couch as I did jobs in the kitchen.  Romeo had discovered the pond and came in soaking wet and had my beloved had to dry him; his long fur kept catching grass seed, so we decided to go to Posh Paws pet store to get a brush to tackle Romeo’s coat.  He did not mind being brushed.  We had a walk by the side of Leeds Road which Piper did not like, as lorries rattled along, but Romeo did not notice the traffic.

However my beloved became more uneasy as the evening progressed, as Romeo was growling at Piper; Piper was not sure how Romeo wanted to play and he was not so keen on going into the garden when Romeo was zooming up and down.  I felt shattered as usual and needed to go up to bed, so I left my beloved to settle the dogs.  When my beloved came up he felt concerned that Romeo had snarled at him, when he gave Piper any attention.  Then we heard a banging which shook the whole house, which was repeated until my beloved went down; it became apparent that Romeo must have been throwing himself at the door, when my beloved had tried to go to bed.  In the end we had to take Romeo up to bed with us, as we would have got no sleep at all.  With Romeo on the bed we did not sleep as well as usual and my beloved went down with him at 6am so he could let him out.  I tried to doze a bit longer before going down and we fed the dogs.  My beloved stayed with the dogs so I could get a shower and then take them out.  The walk with the dogs was uneventful, but we had decided we could not cope with Romeo.  I had my breakfast and was about to ring Jeanne, when I saw she had sent a text.  I replied by text saying that Romeo had not been a success.  Eventually I took him back on my way to the hairdressers.  My beloved and I said that it would be better for Romeo to be the only dog as he would need attention 24/7 and Jeanne was pleased to know that.

Since that we have had to reassure Piper that he was ours and we would not send him back.  He felt insecure and needed more attention, but he seems to be gradually settling down.

On Saturday afternoon I joined a group in Harrogate, who were speaking in favour of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Leadership.  I was interested to hear one of the speakers, but missed most of it.  Jeremy seems to be stimulating debate even in a Tory place like Harrogate.

I then went and enjoyed the relaxation of a massage by Silvie. She always makes me feel relaxed.  I took the bus home and continued to relax with my beloved.

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2 Responses to A Companion for Piper was unsuccessful

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I reckon one dog is quite enough! I am so glad to hear that you have decided against Romeo – surely the right decision. You will have enough on your plate anyway with the one dog!

  2. helenbeech says:

    I think you are probably right. Piper is such a lovely dog and he is great to walk and rest with. He is really helping Malcolm to get out.most afternoons to take the dog for a walk. Piper also helps him relax. One dog is easier, unless there is a lady needing a home, who might give Piper a playmate.

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