Family, friends and Piper

After church on Sunday August 21st I took my passengers to their respective homes, before taking my packed lunch and going to help on the Fair Trade Traidcraft stall at the Allotment Show in the Valley Gardens. Unfortunately we had not brought the Fair Trade game Liz had compiled from a game I had, but it was still good to have two people on the Traidcraft Shop stall.  We were both able to stretch our legs and look round the show for ourselves and sold a few items; I bought a few for future presents.  It was busy but there were not many children at the Allotment Show than at other events we like to attend.  Fortunately the weather held even though it was not boiling hot.  The produce laid out for prizes looked perfect and too good to eat.  There were some delicious looking cakes on the next stall to ours, so I could not resist buying some to bring home and share with my beloved.  I was on the stall from just after 1pm till 3.30pm when we began to dismantle the stall; the show officially finished at 4pm.  I was glad to return home and relax with my beloved and Piper, our lovely rescue dog.  Beth takes him for walks at the weekend, so she took him for a walk on Sunday, which I was glad about, as I needed to put my feet up.

I am getting fitter I hope walking the dog for usually about an hour in the morning and over half an hour later in the day, unless Beth takes him for a walk.  It is lovely to relax on the couch with him and have his enthusiastic welcome when we come down in the morning or I return from being out.  Piper does not understand that I cannot take him to Church, Waitrose shopping or when I go out with either of my daughters for a drink and cake.  He feels abandoned if I leave the house and if my beloved has not come downstairs yet; he barks and howls until my beloved gets himself up to keep him company!  If Piper feels we are ignoring him he will start to chew paper or grab his master’s slippers and takes them off somewhere!  Such actions get our immediate attention as he desires, even if he is told off.

On Wednesday Martyn our gardener came and despite Piper’s help he managed to get the garden tidied up.  Piper still likes to wag his tail and bark to greet Martyn, but loves to potter with him in the garden!  He barks mostly at people in our back garden or in adjacent gardens just to prove he is there protecting his territory!  At midday a salesman from Lunns Blinds came to measure up our French Windows for roller blinds which we soon hope to receive and have fitted.

I am gradually sorting and cleaning through the house.  It makes me feel better, although I have yet to tackle the loft where surplus items have been stored, to see if they are needed or can go to a charity shop to help others.  I always feel better having made an effort however small to sort items. Spending time relaxing with my beloved and our rescue dog Piper help me relax the most.

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