Family, friends and our dog Piper


On Monday 29th August I collected Hilary earlier than usual to join me for a meal at the Table Table Restaurant as it was Bank Holiday Monday and we thought it would be busy.  I had also booked a table when I was walking Piper that morning to be sure.  It was lovely to have a chat and catch up on her news.  Time always flies when we are together.  I look forward to seeing her each month.  We first met when Beth and her youngest son Ian were 10 months old.  Beth was sitting and observing everything going on around her, whereas Ian was running all over the place.  It is amazing that we have known each other for 37 years.  Hilary is a good friend and not afraid to point out when my reactions were not sensible to situations.  Stephen, my late first husband and I had named Hilary and her lovely husband Leslie as the guardians for our daughters if anything had happened to us, whilst they were growing up, in our will.

Piper has gradually become more relaxed with us and barks to warn us of any visitors arriving, although he usually wags his tail.  He actually started barking on one occasion when Cathy was outside chatting on her mobile phone outside the front door before coming in; we had heard nothing!  He is getting more confident on his walks with his tail up though he greets some dogs in a friendly way and others he growls or barks at to warn them off.  He is beginning to assert himself more than he did at first.  We have also discovered he has lots of different sounds to communicate with us to show his contentment, his anguish when I leave him to go out and his joy when he greets us in the morning or return from leaving him!  We are so fortunate to have such a communicative dog.

Cathy arrived back on Monday but she was still suffering from jetlag after her return from America with her charges, so she was exhausted.  I was glad to know she was home again.  She rang me on Tuesday to have a proper chat, but we decided to meet on Friday instead of the usual Wednesday, as she needed days to recover from all her travelling.  It was lovely to see her on Friday morning and we went to Café Culture for a drink and cake.  It will be the last time we eat there together, as Graham and Glenda have sold the business; apparently he had so much work to do after the hours he was open and even on a Sunday he still had work to do even though the café was not open on a Sunday. We will be sorry to see it go as Graham is such a good chef and his cakes are delicious and the atmosphere is so relaxing. We don’t know what sort of café it will be after the business has changed hands.  Graham thinks it will be more than a café although he believes there will be one as a part of it.  Cathy and I will especially miss it as we have often met there.  Cathy was still very tired so she returned to her flat after lunch. As always it was great to see her.

Beth comes at the weekend to walk Piper, which gives us a break.  It is amusing to see how Piper wants us to go as well. Beth has to encourage him to go with her!  It is lovely to see Beth at weekends. She is gradually getting used to her new job at Harrogate Hospital in Radiology.  She is getting fitter cycling and saving money not using her car as much and not having to pay for the bus.  I am very proud of her.



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