Time with family and friends

On Wednesday September 7th Cathy and I had a drink and shared cakes at Café Culture, before we began to do sorting in the loft.  We will really miss going to Café Culture, when it changes ownership on September 22nd.  Cathy was great at helping me sort out kitchen items to bring down to our kitchen and sorting out things to go in the skip; we had another skip, as Gordon and Stuart were working on our patio.  We had a few bags for the local charity shop too.  She is brilliant at helping me organise things.  It is always great to spend time with her when she is home.

On Thursday I had a very busy day; I shopped in the morning and then it was the Guild meeting in the afternoon in Wesley Chapel.  I collected my passengers, Molly, Ruth and Sheila to take to the meeting.  Mrs Alex Bird talked about the work of Age UK.  My beloved suggested a suitable reading for the meeting and chose ‘1 Timothy 5.1-8’, which was advice about Widows, Elders and Slaves, which I read.  Alex told us about all the available services for Age UK including travel, home and car insurance.  They also have a funeral plan, wills & legal services as well as personal alarms and mobility & healthcare products.  They provide telephone befriending services and even a weekly lottery.  They advise people on how to record the practical details of  their life in a ‘LifeBook’ and even offer home secretarial services.  Various walks, exercise classes and advice sheets are available from Age UK too; there is even advice on how to prepare for old age and how to remain healthy!  They also have a newspaper called ‘Mature Times!’  Unfortunately a lot of the elderly members of the Guild could not hear what she said, as she did not project well, but we all received a folder of information.

I had a Local Preacher’s Meeting that evening too at Park Grove Methodist.  It was an interesting meeting and we had a talk about the charity, ‘All We Can’ by Tim Baker, who is the Northern Representative; they had changed the name from the ‘MRDF’; the Methodist Relief and Development Fund’ so that people outside the Methodist Church would feel it was for them as well.  A member of our Chapel wrote several letters to complain about the change of name because it had lost the word, ‘Methodist’.  The new name, ‘All We Can’ emphasises all each of us can do as based on the words of John Wesley:

‘Do all the good you can

by all the means you can

in all the ways you can

in all the places you can

at all times you can to all the people you can

as long as ever you can.’

Those outside the Methodist Church might not see the significance of the words; ‘All We Can’,  but they reflect John Wesley’s words.

On Saturday morning I went to a coffee morning at my former chapel as we were raising money for ‘Sightsavers’.  It was good to see people from Oatlands and raise money.  On Saturday evening I picked my daughter up from her home and took her to Christ Church hall, where we heard a talk by a Syrian Refugee who is a volunteer for the Red Cross.  It was an interesting and informative talk.  He had been a student in Syria but he had to give up his studies and leave, as he was expected to join the army and fight his own people.  He now has asylum and has studied his degree in Huddersfield and he is involved in helping refugees.  We saw slides of Syria before and after the war; it was horrific to see the destruction.   We saw the places he visited as he monitored the refugees.  We met a delightful Syrian young couple, who have been given refuge in Harrogate.  I welcomed them and told them how glad I was that they were here.

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