Piper grows in confidence and bids for freedom

Piper is settling in well to our home and still as vocal as ever. He needs to be close to his people and prefers to sit close to us.  He is more confident with other dogs and loves to bark with his paws on a tree trunk at squirrels. I have begun to let him run free off the lead and he is much better with other dogs off the lead.  He loves bounding off in pursuit of squirrels and rabbits.  He takes his time to come back but he does come back for a treat.  He is on the lead on the streets as he has no traffic sense, although he is cowed by large Lorries and busses; he cowers less than he did at first.  He loves to explore scents with his head close to the ground.  He is slimming out as he uses more energy.  I love his enjoyment of freedom.  Beth enjoys walking him at the weekends. Both my beloved and I have wonderful welcomes from Piper, when we return from being out or even come downstairs in the morning.  He has enriched our lives and continues to give us great delight.

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