Sunday September 18th Worship at Kirk Hammerton Chapel

On Sunday September 18th I went with a supernumerary minister Keith, a circuit steward Peter to report on a Local Preacher, who is a candidate for the Diaconate. She was preaching at the village chapel at Kirk Hammerton.  The opening hymn was ‘Lord for the years.’  She led the opening prayers of thanks and confession before we sang, ‘A charge to keep have I.’  A female member of the congregation read the Old Testament reading from Amos 8.4-7 and a male member read Luke 16.1-13.  We sang ‘When I needed a neighbour,’ before she preached.

She began by giving an up to date version of the parable and described Amos as the prophet of social justice.  She explored the incompatibility of God and Mammon, wealth and asked us questions about what we learnt from the readings for today.

She played Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the world’; as we did not know the words we could make out the words and perhaps missed its significance in the service, but playing modern music can add to worship.  We sang, ‘Beauty for brokenness’, a hymn which sums up our broken world.  Before the prayers of intercession, Helen told us that she had given us the piece of paper, mentioning the then current Paralympics as a topic and gave us a time of silence to bring our own prayers and then led into us reading the words of the hymn, ‘We lay our broken world in sorrow at your feet.’  The prayers concluded when we said the Lord’s Prayer.  Worship concluded when we sang ‘O Jesus I have promised’ and said the grace to each other.

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