Sunday September 25th Worship at Wesley Chapel

On Sunday September 25th our minister Rev Christine Gillespie led our café worship.  Tables were set out with croissants, rolls, buns, butter and jam and apple and orange juice.  We had a menu as an order of service.  Worship began as we sang, ‘All things praise thee’, before Christine led the prayers and the Lord’s Prayer.  She asked us to think about the emotions the Harvest Thanksgiving service evoke in us and gave us three areas to discuss in our group: Nostalgia for the traditional; Thankfulness for daily provisions; Awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves and What hopes and expectations do you bring to a Harvest Thanksgiving service.  We began to look back at our memories of past harvest festivals and did not have much time to discuss the two other questions, before Christine concluded our thoughts with praise and thanksgiving prayers.  We sang, ‘Yes, God is good’ before we said the words of ‘A Song of Creation’, which was Wesley’s song of the harvest.  We did not have time to develop our own verses on the harvest.   We sang, for the fruits of his creation, before we focussed on Caring for others.  ‘All we can’ the former Methodist Relief and Development charity is focussing on the need in Uganda for good sanitation and clean water.  We saw a video called prayer droplets.  It showed children collecting dirty water, which took a whole day from their studies; now they had a well and a tap they could draw fresh water from.  Now they did not lose study time and had clean water.  We then took up an offering for the harvest appeal and for church funds. We sang, To thee O Lord our hearts we raise, before John 4: 34-38 about the eternal harvest was read.  It included the true phrase, ‘One sows and another reaps.’  Christine told a short story on the theme and then asked us to discuss; ‘What opportunities do I have to reap from the work of others? Where should I be sowing seeds?  Worship concluded when we sang, ‘Come ye thankful people come.’  It was a service which gave us the opportunity to discuss and get to know each better.

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2 Responses to Sunday September 25th Worship at Wesley Chapel

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    memories of past harvest festivals – nothing will ever come up to the glories of harvest festival at Coniston Cold – with the church magnificently decorated throughout – and Mother’s famous cottage loaf in pride of place on the altar.

  2. helenbeech says:

    That must have been wonderful! I don’t really remember much from my childhood in Coniston Cold, even though I lived there until I was 6.

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