Piper abuses his freedom and has to be kept on a lead!

On Monday September 26th I went with my friend Hilary for a meal at the Table Table Restaurant; we enjoyed catching up with each other’s news.  She has been my friend for 37 years. We met when my elder daughter Beth was 10 months old and enjoyed sitting and observing all that went on around her.  Hilary has three sons and her youngest Ian was also 10 months old; he however was running everywhere!

On Tuesday September 27th I had a dental appointment and the dentist was pleased to see the improvement in my gums, having followed his advice.  I now have to concentrate on a couple of areas of the gums and will see in December if I have successfully improved those areas.

It was Beth’s birthday that day, so we took her out for lunch at Table Table Restaurant and we were able to make the most of an offer of 40% off main meals.  We had a lovely time as a family.

On Thursday I had my first adventure with our rescue dog, Piper, who I was now allowing more and more time off his lead. He loved the freedom of pursuing squirrels and trying to jump up trees after them and then looking for rabbits.  Piper usually came back to my call even if it took a while, but I suddenly realised he was barking near the railway line!  I called and called and was terrified when I saw him trotting happily by the railway line. I went to climb over a fence to get him to come up, but by then he was over at the other side of the railway line pursuing rabbits I think.  He kept barking on that side, so I went back over the bridge and climbed over a wooden fence into a field and go along calling to him to come.  I then finally saw him on the other side of a wooden and metal fence, so I climbed over the two fences.  I called him to come and managed to catch him and put his lead on.  However we seemed to be trapped by the railway, so I had to lift him bodily over both fences and climb back myself, having fastened him first to the fence!  Then we went back on the walk, half an hour later!!  I was so relieved that I managed to rescue him, especially as just after I had put his lead on a train came past and frightened him!!

I was not too close to the railway lines but I was inside the fence to keep people out.  However the fences are not dog proof, especially not Piper proof, as he is able to slide under fences!!

In the afternoon Brian came over and we had our time of prayer.  It is always good to share our concerns and pray together.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre helping students with computer skills.

My friend rang me to ask me if I could get some shopping for her from M&S on Saturday, so I agreed I would after I had walked Piper as usual.  I set off with Piper firmly on the lead until I had gone past the railway line and over the road by Hornbeam Park, then I let him off, as I thought he would be safe, even if he did go off for a few forays round about where I was walking, but I learnt to my cost that it was not as safe from hazards as I had thought!!  I saw him wandering off at various points, but he came back when I called and gave him a treat as a reward.

Suddenly he had vanished in a direction I had not walked with him and I followed the direction of his barks.  A lady told me she had seen him going under the fence into the woods at the Yorkshire Showground; she had seen him crossing the road and going into the woods!  I hurried over but to my dismay I saw that he had sneaked through the gap under the fence, but being Saturday there was no one in the Showground to call to.  I just kept calling to Piper, walking round the perimeter of the high fenced wood, but his barking kept moving round the wood; I saw him at one point inside the fence by the entrance to the showground but he just trotted past.  He was having a great time and seemed in no hurry to respond.

As time went on I became more and more upset and helpless and tired as I had left home at 8.30 for the walk.  I also had a massage booked at midday as a treat and I was going to be shopping for my friend.  I asked one of the staff at the Squash Club if she knew how to get in touch with someone at the Showground, but it seemed hopeless.  A good Samaritan in the form of a man who had just been playing squash and had his two small daughters in his car offered to ring someone he knew to do with the Yorkshire Showground and told him my predicament.  He then kindly drove me into the Showground from another entrance explaining that my dog had got into the showground and not returned. As my mobile had run out of charge he offered to charge my phone up and my beloved rang to see where on earth I was!

My beloved knew I had a massage at midday, as well as shopping to do for my friend!  I explained that Piper had got lost in the showground and he too was in tears.  I said I would let him know if there was better news. The kind gentleman drove me up to where the wood was inside the perimeter of the showground and I walked all through but there was no sign of Piper despite all my calling. Then the kind man drove me back round, bless him, to where I had lost Piper.  He suggested I just set off walking home the way I usually walked in case he reappeared. By this time I thought Piper was lost for good.  I began somewhat despondently to turn back, when suddenly I saw Piper slide out under the fence from the wood 2 hours later!!  I asked a passing couple to catch him if I missed him, but he wandered to me and I put his lead on with great relief. He was filthy and soaking wet but we had got him back, having lost his second life!  Cats have 9 lives but I don’t know how many a dog has!! I tried to ring my beloved to give him the good news, but my phone had run out of talk time!!  I asked a kind man with a young family if I could make a phone call to my husband I had found Piper and bless him, he did and was able to tell my beloved the good news and suggest that Piper would be in need of a shower after his adventures.  On my return at after 11, my beloved was ready to shower Piper, although I had to lift him into the shower, as he was not keen on a shower.  He looked much better after the shower and our efforts to dry him with his towels!  It took him a while to get dry, even if he is a shorthaired dog.  My beloved also used some dry shampoo as he had just used water to take the mud off.  Now Piper looked really clean and smelt fresh.

I had a quick breakfast and phoned my friend to explain that I would bring her shopping after my massage.  I really needed the relaxation of the massage and rest after the stresses of the morning.  I then did the shopping at M&S and delivered the goods to my friend, before returning home in relief to rest.  It was an exhausting experience.  Now Piper had to lose his freedom of being off the lead, as once he has a scent to follow he becomes deaf to my calls, despite the promise of treats as a reward!

It was great that Beth was taking Piper for a walk later that day.  Apparently Piper was a little stiff at first, but was walking normally as he got going!  After all he is nearly 8 years old!! Life is never dull when we have an adopted rescue dog.

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3 Responses to Piper abuses his freedom and has to be kept on a lead!

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    That is a really astonishing tale, What a good thing it had such a happy outcome. Me – I’m much more of a cat person!

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am more of a dog person but I had just wanted him to enjoy some runs free. Now I know it is not safe.

  3. hirsutemal says:

    Reblogged this on MAL's MURMURINGS and commented:
    just want to share this post ref my beloved’s adventures with Piper – or should it be Piper’s adventures with my beloved!?

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