Animal adventures continue shared with family

On Tuesday October 4th I was looking forward to spending some time with Cathy even though she was only home for a few days, when I took Piper for his usual morning walk of course on the lead!  I knew he enjoyed going into bushes so I let him explore in some bushes whilst I held on tight to him.  We went into a field which I thought was a secure environment to allow him to go quite a way into the bush as the lead was long.  However when I had been holding on I thought his bark seemed to be further away than should have been possible, so I pulled hard on the lead and to my surprise Piper had wriggled out of the harness somehow; we should have called him Houdini!!  I then had to spend another half hour calling him until he finally decided to come back to me!  Now he had lost a third life, as he had escaped to chase rabbits just beside the busy Hookstone Road!!  My usual hour long walk became an hour and a half, so I had just arrived back to eat my breakfast when Cathy rang!

I was not just delayed but when I came back with Piper he was obviously in a lot of discomfort as he began rubbing himself and his ears against the furniture and rolling around, so I had to phone the vet to get him checked over.  Fortunately I could get an appointment that morning so had to explain to Cathy that we would have to spend some of our precious time together at the vet’s!  Cathy and I only had time to do one thing in town before we had to take Piper to the vet.  The lady Vet Pamela at the Shamrock Vets was very helpful and examined him. He did have a slight ear infection but he had an eczematous skin reaction to being in the bushes, so he needed ear drops and tablets; we were given the choice of steroids with side effects or a more expensive tablet with less side effects.  I chose the latter, so after a bill for £74 we returned home.  The vet also told us Piper had put on 300 grams and we had to reduce his rations!!  Now we can feel his bones more so hopefully he will have lost the extra. My beloved continues to love our new addition to the family and manages to come out each evening for a walk with Piper.  It is wonderful to be welcomed when we come down in the morning and when I return from being out. He has revolutionised our lives

After the vet Cathy and I and Piper went to Fodders for a drink and cake. As there are tables outside we could eat outside with Piper tied up, so we did have some time together.  Cathy left just after lunch as she was already returning the next day. It was lovely to see her.

I enjoyed having my hair done on Wednesday.  On Thursday Brian came round and we shared our prayer time, sharing our prayer needs and those of people we know and or family members.  It is a time of blessing for each of us.  On Thursday evening I could have been in two places at once, so I had to give my apologies for the Fairtrade group and went to the Labour Party meeting.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre as usual and helped the students with the computer skills.

At the weekend Beth comes over to take Piper for a walk and spend time with us.  However on Saturday 8th October Beth came with her newly acquired puppy, Chase, a Cavachon; a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise; he is very cute. He is an 8 month old rescue puppy.  His owner was on her own after a marriage split with three young children and could not cope with keeping him; she was very upset to have to say goodbye to him, but knew it was for the best.  Chase’s coat needed attention as it had grown matted, so Beth would need to have him clipped.  He seems very friendly although Piper was clear that the sofa was his domain and was wary of the new dog, putting him in his place.  They were fine being walked together later.

Her four cats needed to be introduced and that was interesting; Beth had to keep the cats with her after Chase started barking when Jasper looked at him in the middle of the night!  Beth is happy to have a dog too and Owen her lodger seems to cope being in the ever increasing zoo he is living with!!

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