Times of Fellowship with friends and times with family

On Monday October 16th we had our Bible Study although we had a smaller group, as one member, Shelagh, had gone away for the night to Berwick on Tweed and was not back in time and Rosemary was attending a funeral of Christina Wessell, who had died suddenly and was a neighbour in the flats she lives in.  We still had a good time of discussion with most of the rest of the group.  We looked back at the Biblical references to John the Baptist and his message.  We compared his message to Jesus and the kingdom of God, which was different from the kind of King the Jewish people were hoping for.  How does the prayer in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘May your kingdom come’ affect us today in our lives?  We saw the difference God’s rule made to Jesus, Mary and Peter in their lives, as seen in Matthew, Luke and Acts.  We then studied repentance as shown in Matthew and Luke’s gospels, when Jewish people were called to repent but saw no need as children of Abraham to repent.   We also discussed the idea that repentance could involve positive action to put right any wrongs we might have inflicted on others.

On Wednesday Martyn came to work his magic on the garden.  Gradually he is getting the garden ready for winter.  Fortunately it was a fine day, although the grass was too soggy for its final cut of the year.  Piper enjoys pottering in and out to keep Martyn company or disturb his work.  Piper now greets the gentleman who monitors the number of cars parking in the M&S car park with enthusiasm wagging his whole body in greeting which really cheers him!  Piper usually barks at Martyn when he comes whilst wagging his tail, but is really pleased to see him.  He will miss him over winter.

On Thursday Brian and I had our time of prayer for each other and our chapels and world problems as we feel led.  We always feel more at peace after our time of prayer and it is lovely just to be quiet with the Lord.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre as usual helping them.  As always, I was glad to encourage them as I had been encouraged and helped myself.  It is great to chat with and help Kath the tutor.

On Saturday Beth came with Chase her puppy and I went out with her and Piper to shop at Sainsbury’s as I had a voucher off the cost.  We had hoped to have a drink together at Fodder’s but had not realised it closed at 5’Oclock; however we were in time to buy a couple of cakes and scones and a cake to take back to my beloved.  We had two hot chocolates to take out from Sainsbury’s and sat outside Fodders with the dogs whilst we ate. Chase enjoys chewing and chewed through his lead and came wagging over to Beth, so I moved Piper over nearer to us, so that he did not try to chew through his lead. As it was getting late we set off with the dogs for a walk, before finally returning home to my beloved after 6pm.  Piper was ready for his tea and my beloved was very pleased to get a welcome from him.  If either I or my beloved leave the room for a time we are greeted like long lost owners by Piper, who thinks we have gone out and left him!  I don’t know how we managed without his love and welcome before!

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