Time helping and Family time

On Tuesday 25th October I walked the dog early as Rosemary asked me to help with the coffee morning at Wesley Chapel.  I am more confident at helping with coffee as I am helping out more.  It must seem strange to some people that I find helping with serving coffee or food more worrying than preaching a sermon!  Once I have prepared my service and prayed and was prayed for by the steward before the service I can go on knowing God will remind me of other relevant stories or experiences to add to my service.

I helped with computers at the Acorn Centre on Friday as usual; I was helping Derek access the internet.  It is always good to help.

I enjoy the daily morning walks with Piper, even though I sometimes don’t feel like getting up, I always feel better when I am walking with him.  I really enjoy walking with in the evening with my beloved and Piper; it is great just enjoying the boy together.  Beth helps us out at the weekend with walking Piper as well as her Cavershon puppy, Chase. On Saturday Beth and I spend some time with the two dogs chatting and having a take away hot chocolate, before Beth takes the two dogs for a walk.

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