An eventful Week

On Sunday November 13th it was Remembrance Sunday.  The elderly ladies I usually take to church decided to watch the service on television, as there are no places close to church to park.   The parade closes the streets near to the town centre where there are more disabled parking areas and one of my passengers finds it difficult to walk any distance; hence the parking badge.  It gave me time to spend the day with my beloved and we listened to music for peace; I always wear a white poppy with the red poppy to remind myself that the First World War was to be the war to end all wars; we need to strive for peace as it is always the civilians who suffer the most, as they live in the areas being fought over.  In Harrogate the Quakers always lay a white poppy wreath later in the day on Remembrance Sunday.  My heart bleeds for those Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are flooding Europe, as they have been displaced by war and persecution by the so-called Islamic State.  Wars still continue today and we continue to pray for peace.

On Monday November 14th we had our Bible Study in which we compared the baptism of John and the baptism after Jesus’ death and resurrection. John’s baptism was for repentance and a fresh start. In the baptism the disciples preached was the confirmation that they had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire and became Christians.  We shared our experiences of evil and or the devil; we closed our session as we together spoke Paul’s words at the end of Ephesians and put on the armour of God reminding each other that God reigns on earth.  Good is greater than evil.

On Tuesday after walking Piper l got ready to drive to Liverpool to visit Kathleen, my step mother.  I had a good journey arriving at her home after two hours.  It was lovely to see Kathleen and take her to the Cathedral.  We went to the shop first to buy one or two items.  We then went to the Cathedral café in a lift as there were too many steps for Kathleen to go on.  I had never been in a manual lift, which only moved when I kept pressing the knob and lined it up with the upper floor.  We shared a piece of cake and had a drink, before descending in the lift.  To recall the lift we had to press and hold the button again.  Suddenly I heard a surprised voice and looked down on the lift, where a young family had just got in the lift with a pushchair and they wondered how the lift had started to move without them having done anything!  Getting out of the cathedral car park proved to be quite challenging as well; I could not get my card, having paid to park, to let me out.  A phone call got it open so we could leave!!  That evening Kathleen treated me to a Carvery at the Toby Restaurant.

My journey home on Wednesday was more problematic, when I was heading for Leeds and had a flat tyre!  A lady signalled to me to move over, so I stopped on the hard shoulder and she stopped to point it out.  It was freezing cold and the AA could not come for an hour. The driver was helpful and put a yellow wheel on and followed me off the motorway.  He had noticed that my other rear wheel was cracked so I would need to have two new tyres, but he could not get suitable tyres anywhere he rang, so we ended up driving back to Knaresborough Toyota, from where I had bought my car originally.  Of course they had no tyres and would have to order replacements; the earliest they could get them was Thursday.  The poor AA man, who had not yet had his lunch break, took me to Enterprise Rental for a car, as part of my breakdown cover.  There were no cars available at Knaresborough but the AA driver took me home.  I took Piper for a much needed walk at 2pm before I had any lunch, as my beloved had not felt well enough to take him out.  I was just about to eat some lunch when the Enterprise man came and took me to Harrogate Enterprise Rental to collect a car.  To cut a long story short I got home in the rental car just after 5, when we had to take Piper for his walk.  Finally I was able to get something to eat at 6pm!

Fortunately I got my car back the next morning complete with new tyres in time to drive for my hair appointment, as I was terrified of damaging the car!  I even took out an accident insurance at £10 a day, as I would have even had to pay, if another car had crashed into me!!

I was glad to have a time of prayer with Brian after my eventful week.  On Friday I helped at the Acorn as usual.  I felt quite exhausted after my busy week, so was glad to relax on Saturday!

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