A week of socialising with friends and family

On November 30th David came for lunch with us.  He had been staying the night with Janet and Graham. My beloved had made one of his special curries, which David appreciated and I had made an apple sponge, which he enjoyed too. It was lovely to see him and we gave him his Christmas present to take with him.  I walked down with Piper to see David off on the train.  Ever since then Piper has wanted to go to the platform maybe to see if David was coming back!!

On Thursday December 1st I drove over with Piper to meet up with my friend Christine.  We had a lunch in Muddy Paws Café, as dogs are welcome there.  Piper enjoyed the biscuit treats provided there whilst we had lunch and then we took him for a short walk.  Unfortunately my friend Christine has been having breathing difficulties because of a collapsed lung lobe and we couldn’t walk far.  She is under the care of Respiratory Medicine in Leeds.  Hopefully by now she will be fully recovered.

In the evening we had the Local Preacher’s social evening at Christine Gillespie, our minister’s home.  We all brought contributions and enjoyed some time of chatting and struggled to do a couple of quizzes.  Whenever I have to do quizzes I wish I had my beloved with me, as his general knowledge is so good.

I spent time at the Acorn Centre on Friday helping students with accessing the internet.

Beth came over on Saturday so we could see each other.  I had a short walk with Piper and her whilst we had a chat and a takeaway hot chocolate from our local Oatlands Post Office.  Beth, then bless her took Piper for a longer walk with her Cavershon (a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon frise) puppy called Chase.  He is very lively and more sociable with other dogs than Piper; he loves to play.  I am still keeping fit walking Piper each morning and apart from Saturday my beloved and I walk the dog together at teatime.

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