A Christmas treat as a thank you

On Friday December 15th my friend Susan had arranged to treat me to lunch at Betty’s as she was feeling so much better and wanted to thank me for doing shopping for her and taking her to A&E when she was at her lowest.    We met in town and had a lovely Christmas stir fry and we enjoyed spiced Christmas tea; we both indulged in delicious Christmas pudding.  It was a real treat.  She did not need to do that but it was lovely that she did.  I went back on the bus with her to my home and showed her our new extension and she was pleased to see Piper and my beloved.   I drove her down to our local garden centre as she wanted to see what was available in Christmas decorations at the attached shop.  I then drove her back into town, so she could do some shopping.  I was so thrilled to see her well again.

It was great to see Cathy on Saturday as she was back before Christmas.  However Cathy and Ken went up to see friends in Aberdeen and flew to Iceland for Christmas later on.

Later Beth came round and we spent some time with her, before she took Piper and her dog Chase for a walk.  I enjoy seeing her on a Saturday.  I always walk Piper in the mornings and my beloved and I walk him together in the evening.  We have flashing lights to make him more visible on the dark evenings.

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