A week of activities and relaxation

On Monday December 19th I met Brian, my prayer partner and a steward from Harlow Hill Chapel to share ideas and prepare for the act of worship I was to lead on January 1st there.  It was lovely to decide on the hymns for the service together.  I had prepared two dramatised readings for the congregation to participate in and Brian had prepared a special prayer of intercessions.  It was a precious time of sharing and I knew we would share great fellowship in January.

On Tuesday I helped Rosemary with the coffee morning at Wesley Chapel.  I am beginning to get to know the regular members.  I had to take Piper for an early walk so I could get there in time.

On Wednesday I had a dental appointment to check on the progress of my care for the gums and teeth.  I am learning to floss and clean them better.  I then had a hair appointment which I found much more relaxing!

On Thursday afternoon I went to the Acorn Centre, where I volunteer for the computer, to have Christmas dinner.  There was plenty of delicious turkey, sprouts, carrots, stuffing and roast potatoes followed by a bun or mince pie; of course there were plenty of seconds of the Christmas dinner. We had a go at a Christmas quiz which we did very badly.  I missed my beloved as he has a far greater musical and general knowledge than me.  It is too crowded and noisy for him to be able to join me for the Christmas dinner there. The music group also performed some songs, but I left before the end to join my beloved and Piper at home.  It is always good to be with my friends from the centre and I adore Christmas dinner!!

I enjoy walking Piper each morning even if I don’t feel particularly energetic. It is especially good to go out with my beloved and Piper each evening except on Saturday when Beth takes Piper with her puppy Chase for a walk, and spends some time with us.  She and Chase came to stay from Christmas Eve till Boxing Day and amazingly Piper and Chase got on reasonably, although we had to watch Piper who tried to get any food not guarded by Chase, as he is always hungry.  On one occasion he managed to get two bones and it took our ingenuity to take them from him!  He became very acrobatic leaping over the table and chairs in an effort to hang onto the tempting bones!  I did manage to retrieve them eventually, but we had to monitor the situation carefully, as Chase is not a food orientated as Piper is!!

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