Christmas Worship and Family Time

On Christmas Eve at 6.30pm I went for a communion service at my chapel led by our minister Trevor Dixon.  It was an intimate service where we sang Christmas carols, including ‘O come all ye faithful’ with all the verses; ‘O little town of Bethlehem’; and ‘Silent Night’.  I just loved relaxing and worshipping with other members of our congregation.  It was lovely to have communion.  For me Christmas began then.  I find it too difficult to stay up till midnight nowadays, although my beloved watched a midnight service as I slept!

I always stay at home with my beloved on Christmas Day so I can celebrate with him; he cannot cope with worshipping at church nowadays, especially as he cannot get up early in the morning.  Beth was up early and took the dogs for a walk, before she went to Christ Church for the Christmas morning service.  My beloved and I enjoyed the service shown on television but did not open any presents till later when Beth returned from church. We had a really relaxing day as well as taking the dogs for a walk.

We enjoyed the big free range chicken, which is our Christmas treat, but it proved a trial for the dogs, as the smell of chicken cooking seemed to drive them to whine with hunger!!  Piper is always hungry at the best of times but even Chase was sitting in anticipation of chicken bits!!  Piper had some giblets as well as a treat or two from the pet Christmas stocking Beth had so thoughtfully bought for him.  Piper kept hoping for extra food whenever Chase was fed in the other room, as he is a slow eater and is not so dependent on food as Piper is.  On one occasion Piper got hold of bones Beth had brought for Chase; it was quite an art to catch him and retrieve the bones, especially as he became extra acrobatic leaping from chair to chair and back again, but I succeeded finally!!

We had phone calls from Jan and Dave and from Cathy to greet us on the day.  We did open some of our presents but finished opening them on Boxing Day; that made Christmas last longer too.  It was lovely that Beth stayed until Boxing Day before returning to rest at her home the following day before being back to work.

During the week I enjoyed our Christmas decorations and the tree for which we had finally found a safer place, so Piper could not destroy it as easily.  I began writing thank you letters and completed the service for New Year’s Day.  My beloved and I enjoyed watching films on Sky, as we had a good offer over Christmas.  We enjoyed the Christmas television too.  I just love relaxing with my beloved.

I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, as I was leading the service on New Year’s Day.


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