Time to relax with my beloved and Piper

I had a relaxing first week of the New Year walking the dog in the mornings alone and with my beloved in the evenings.  On Thursday January 5th we took Piper to the vet’s for his annual injections and he was impeccably behaved; he even coped with the kennel cough procedure of puffing something into his nose.  Of course he is happy to have any treats as a reward and he is always ready for something extra to eat.

On Friday I had a back massage as an extra as I had somehow done something to my neck when I was sleeping or when Piper pulled me too enthusiastically and needed some relief. Sylvie at Skin Sanctuary was just what the doctor ordered; she managed to disentangle the knots in my upper spine and neck and I no longer needed pain killers as much as before.  I began to be able to move my neck more normally without excruciating pain. Sylvie is very skilled.

My beloved and I enjoyed watching films on the Now Box and on television and felt refreshed spending so much quality time together.  It was good to see my elder daughter Beth on saturday for a chat and we enjoyed a rest, whilst she took Piper for a walk with her dog Chase.

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