Feeling somewhat under the weather

On Saturday January 7th I delivered leaflets for the Labour party near where Beth lives.  I was assured that it would take an hour to deliver, but it took at least 2 ½ hours, even when I asked Beth to help; she brought her dog Chase with her!!  That afternoon and evening I felt shattered and not at all well and began to sneeze!  At Christmas Beth came full of cold and on December 30th Cathy came full of cold and after Christmas my beloved succumbed to a heavy cold.  I thought walking the dog would keep me fit, but I did not escape the cold after all.  I managed to get to church on the Sunday, but felt worse and worse as the week went on.  I had to send apologies for evening meetings, but I managed to take the dog out for his walks each morning and only missed going for one walk in the evening with my beloved.

On Wednesday January 11th I led worship at Berwick Grange Methodist Home for the Aged MHA.  We sang ‘Come down O love divine’, at least I could not sing, but the organist and the chaplain could still sing.   I led the opening prayers but my voice began to go so the organist offered to do the reading Matthew 3.13-17 for me.  Then we sang, ‘On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry.’  I then acted out John’s baptism of Jesus for the elderly people.  Worship concluded when we sang, ‘O Jesus, I have promised.’

I found out that the computer course would not be starting until February and I felt glad as I was still washed out to have a few weeks to feel more myself.  However I now developed a cough at night and had to put my pillows higher to help me sleep and stop coughing.  My persistent coughing at night seemed to have upset Piper and one night after we had had him 6 ½ months he barked and whined for an hour until we let him come up!  He then settled to sleep between us!  That happened for a few nights but then we cleared the easy chair for Piper; he took the hint and now sleeps on the chair keeping an eye on us.  Some nights he came to check we were still alive and then returned to his chair.  Now when he sees me waking up he comes to join us in bed!  I am so glad he cares of us as he has really filled our lives with laughter and has done so much for my beloved. Most evenings he walks with Piper and me.  On Saturdays Beth comes over and we spend some time together with both dogs before Beth takes Piper for a walk with Chase.

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