Bible Study and Prayer with friends enriches our lives

On Monday January 16th we met for our Bible Study group and we decided that we would start on the latest York Course in February or in March, as we had started to study the booklet compiled by our President and the Vice President on Holiness and Justice.  We discussed ‘Making a difference’ and ‘Wonder and amazement’ and it started so many conversations that we did not get any further with the booklet.  It was very stimulating.  We learn from each other as we share our thoughts.  The two hours always passes quickly.

On Wednesday our gardener Martyn came to prune the apple trees; he was very efficient.  It was good to see him and we look forward to his more regular sessions in the garden from March.   At the moment after all the rain, the ponds are full and the ground is still rather like a quagmire!

It was good to have a time of prayer with Brian, especially as we could not meet in December.  We both find our prayer partnership very important.

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