Time together is good

On Tuesday 24th January I went to the New Wine meeting and we had a lovely time of worship and prayer and prayed for each other.  I felt uplifted by the time of sharing and rest.

I had an enjoyable week of starting the day walking the dog and then taking him out in the evening with my beloved.  It is good as the evenings begin gradually to get lighter.  Piper loves his walks and sometimes is very sociable with other dogs but at others he barks at them.  He loves following scents of rabbits predominantly and squirrels if he spots them.  The trouble is that the ground tends to be muddy that we have to dry and clean Piper’s paws to stop muddy paw marks.  Usually Piper is clean as he avoids mud if possible.  He often washes himself, as he is naturally clean.  My beloved and I enjoyed relaxing together and watching DVDs or films on  television and listening to music.  I am so fortunate .

It was good to see Beth on Saturdays walking Chase and Piper.  We spent time together before Beth took both dogs for a long walk, which gave my beloved and me time to do bits of shopping without Piper.

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