It is good to see family and friends

On Monday January 30th my beloved and I went over to Leeds to have lunch with my friend Pamela and her husband David Cundall, who is a retired Paediatrician.  It was lovely to have homemade soup, cheese and biscuits and bread and fruit.  It was lovely to see them and catch up on their ever expanding family.  All but the youngest daughter are in relationships and or married. They have 3 granddaughters in one family, a grandson and granddaughter in the other family.  The youngest is getting married this year.  David is very involved in the Nigerian healthcare system.  He and his team self finance to go out and advise midwives and nurses on how to deal with newborns to give them the best chance of living.  He goes out for about 3 weeks at a time to train and advise healthcare people.  His father was a missionary doctor and he loved being out in Africa.  Pamela and David’s third child Anna was born in Kenya, where David had worked for a few years in a medical facility.  Before Pamela retired she worked part time as a pharmacist.  David was a community Paediatrician in Leeds Hospitals for a number of years.

It was lovely to hear all their news and Piper seemed to settle in well with us there.  He loves being home best but he is fine as long as he is with us.  If we have to leave him he always goes over the top in his greeting of us, as if we have left him for hours or even days!!  Life is full when I walk him each morning and together with my beloved in the early evening.  It gets increasingly difficult to remember the time before we had him.  He seems to be really settling in and gradually building up confidence in himself, as he feels more secure.

It was good to see Brian for our time of prayer.  We both find it uplifting and strengthening in our faith to share our prayer needs and pray together.

On Saturday February 4th I went over to Chapel Allerton Methodist Church for a Progressive Christian meeting at the invitation of Pamela and David.  I found it very interesting and enjoyed the discussion and talk.  Some friends from my chapel were there.

On my return to Harrogate I met Fran at St Mark’s Church, where we had a lunch together and enjoyed a good chat.  It was a lovely afternoon so we had a walk together round the stray, before she left to see her friend Pat.  It was a good week with family and friends.

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