Our wonderful NHS

On Monday February 6th my beloved had an earlier appointment at Harrogate Hospital with the Orthopaedic Department for his knees.  We had to wait a bit at the beginning, but there was an apology for keeping us waiting and we were advised to have an x-ray to stop us having to wait too long.  That x-ray showed there was no arthritis which is good.  The consultant tested one of the knees, the one my beloved felt was worse.  He put my beloved on the waiting list for an arthroscopy.

I enjoy walking the dog, a long walk in the morning and a shorter walk with my beloved in the evening.  Piper is much more settled now, especially as he loves to sleep with us.  He hates to be left and welcomes us as if we have been gone for days when we have been out for a couple of hours.  He goes mad jumping all over the furniture backwards and forwards until he finally settles down.  After that he follows us round closely to make sure we don’t leave him again.

On Friday I helped at the Acorn Centre again.  It was lovely to be able to help and encourage the students  on the computer again.

At the weekend I relaxed with my beloved and saw Beth on Saturday when I went out with her, before she took Piper out for a long walk with her dog Chase.

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