Friends and Family are important

On Monday 20th February Janet and Graham came to have lunch with us.  They loved eating in our new extension which looks onto the garden. They had seen our extension but this was their first experience of having a meal in our dining kitchen and they were impressed.  My beloved cooked a delicious meal for us and I did a sponge pudding.

It was good to see them and we enjoyed a good chat.  It was a lovely day so they could appreciate the new area more.

On Tuesday Christine my former colleague from work came to see me with her younger daughter Caroline.  We had a meal at our local Table Table restaurant, the Park. We each had a meal we enjoyed at a reasonable price and in the lovely surroundings of the restaurant. Caroline was asking me about how the Methodist Church works, so I explained that we are in the Nidd Valley Circuit and how I as a local preacher preach round the circuit.  I explained about the support system for new qualified ministers, who serve a couple of probationary years under the support of the Superintendant minister. Caroline was interested as she is at the moment awaiting an appointment in the Baptist church, as a newly qualified minister. Her first appointment was unsuitable for a new qualified minister so it lasted less than a year.  She is still trying to get an appointment but having trained her; the Baptist Churches seem to be unwilling to accept a single woman.  She may consider changing denominations if she can only find voluntary work in the Baptist Church.  She trained for 3 years and had to pay her own fees and fund her training, unlike the trainees in our Methodist Church.  We had a good chat and it was good to see Christine again.

In the evening we had our church council meeting.

On Wednesday Cathy came to see us and we had a good time together.  It is always good to see her, whenever she is home.  Time goes very quickly whenever we see her.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre supporting the students with computer skills.  I enjoy seeing them make progress

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