Life with Piper

I have been much busier each morning with our rescue dog, Piper.  He has revolutionised our lives.  He is very loving and at times mischievous.  After a nasty virus I had caused me to cough at night, Piper no longer wanted to sleep downstairs as he felt the need to keep watch over me.  He usually starts the night sleeping in the chair but later in the night he joins us on the bed, sometimes even under the covers, becoming a real hot water bottle until he gets too hot!  Most mornings I am first up and go down to feed the dog, get a drink of hot lemon juice and a fruit, before going for a shower.  I then usually take the dog out for his morning walk.  If I have time I take him for a longer walk, where I used to let him off for runs, but last Monday he had his last free long run, as he took more than 3 hours to return!  I waited 2 hours but then walked home to have some breakfast before going back to call for Piper with my daughter and son in law.  Cathy and I walked down to the last place I had seen him whilst Ken walked around the back of the woods into which I had seen him vanishing.  My beloved was heartbroken and I thought I had really lost him.  I kept calling him and then Cathy had a text from Ken to say he had seen him and almost simultaneously Piper reappeared with Cathy and me, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!!  He seemed very relaxed but filthy, so he had to be showered by my beloved on his return home!

Previously Piper had been good at getting out of his harness and making a bid for freedom on a couple of occasions!  I began to train him to come back after I let him off and was mostly successful for at least two times or even three, but the fourth occasion he decided he was having too much fun to come back!  On one of those occasions he finished up at the caravan park at the bottom of the Yorkshire Show Ground, before I finally caught up with him; he had even lost his harness!  He twice cut through a fence, having wriggled out of his harness and had fun barking at and chasing rabbits; once taking me more than ¾ hour to catch him, but on another occasion only 15 minutes!  I avoided walking in that field then.  Once he came back three times then got carried away running up next to the Showground and when I finally caught up with him, he had sneaked through an open gate into the woods in the Showground.  After an hour of trying to catch I finally got him back on the lead.  During the Yorkshire Show I was careful to keep him on a lead but he slid out of the harness leaving me with the harness on the lead but no dog!!  I was very concerned as cars were coming in to park in the field on the busiest day of the show, the Wednesday!  He is very fast and although I called him he still did not return straight away.  A man told me he had seen a dog across in the next field but he could not get hold of him; shortly after that he appeared and came and flopped in front of me! He was incorrigible.  Now the only time I let him off the lead is at the local park where there are no rabbits!  If he spots rabbits as my best friend Hilary points out, a red mist descends and he fails to hear my voice, until he is ready to come back to me in his own time!!

My beloved and I are relieved to have our delightful Houdini of a dog safely home with us and he will now not have the freedom to run off as before; it is too worrying!  Piper as a cross between a beagle, with excellent scent skills for rabbits and a Spanish hunting dog or Podenco with excellent eyesight, just cannot resist chasing rabbits.   We know he has a scent or has seen one, when he starts to bark in a particular way.  He is very attached to us as his ‘people’ and always has to on the couch with one or other of us, so would be upset if he ‘lost’ us!!  Finally I am beginning to do my blogs again, but I may not remember all I have to catch up but will do my best to write more regularly again.

Beth, bless her, takes Piper for a long walk each Saturday afternoon with her Caverchon, Chase.  I am very blessed by my lovely hubby and two special daughters and a thoughtful, helpful son in law, Ken.

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3 Responses to Life with Piper

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    welcome back – how nice to see you ‘blogging’ again. Sorry tales of the terrible Piper. I would be terrified to let him off harness or lead – under any circumstances! But what a good thing that he can find his way home – if necessary

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am glad you liked the stories of Piper! I am glad to be back blogging. Thanks for your letter. I had not heard of the child of the caravan; it sounded very moving.

  3. hirsutemal says:

    Reblogged this on MAL's MURMURINGS and commented:
    Just wanted to share this post from my beloved’s blog!

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