A splendid visit to Switzerland with Cathy

On Sunday March 26th my beloved cooked a delicious casserole to share with Beth and Cathy. Cathy supplied the pudding and I had something for Beth, which was gluten free.  They came to celebrate Mothering Sunday with us.  It was good to see them both.  Cathy had come home the previous Saturday on a break from her job as a nanny based in Switzerland.  She had arranged to fly back on Tuesday 27th and I was going with her to see where she worked in Nyon and stay a couple of nights.

Ken picked me up and took us both to Leeds Bradford Airport at Yeadon.  Cathy had advised me as the seasoned traveller about what to pack and Beth leant me her bag for my hand luggage.  I had to carry see-through bags with toiletries and phone.  As Cathy had washing things I did not need to take toothbrush or toothpaste etc.  She gave me confidence even when I had to be felt all over to make sure I was not carrying anything sinister. I was glad to fly with Cathy as she is so knowledgeable and confident.  All went well and we were soon on the Jet 2 aeroplane.  Once we had set off I ordered a glass of Proseco and felt relaxed.  I found it difficult leaving my beloved because he much prefers me to be with him; I am most relaxed usually with him.  I went as I really wanted to see where Cathy had been working for nearly seven years.  I was excited as I had not been abroad for more than seventeen years.  I was glad that Piper was there to keep Malcolm company and Beth bless her would walk the dog one evening to help him.  We were able to keep in touch via Facebook as Cathy was so good at posting regular updates of our adventures.

Once we arrived in Geneva we went by train to Nyon, where we took our luggage to Cathy’s room.  That afternoon we went by boat over Lake Geneva to a mediaeval village, Yvoire.  It was absolutely beautiful weather, lovely and warm and sunny amazingly for the end of March.  We explored the lovely streets and buildings, before we had our evening meal in a local restaurant dedicated to Jules Verne, author of Round the World in 80 days.  We had a local dish of fried fish small fillets with salad and French fries and we shared a banana split in the restaurant, where we were the only customers.  We then were the only passengers on the ferry back to Nyon; it was as though it was our personal transport!!  A large number of workers come over daily to work in Switzerland as it is cheaper to live in France and a lot had already returned to France when we returned to Nyon.  We had a relaxing evening watching a film in Cathy’s room.  We were both tired after our day of travelling, so we did not go to bed late.  I found the flat very warm as it was meant to be cold at that time of year!  Cathy was organised in her room; everything in its place.

On Wednesday March 28th we had another glorious day of warm sunshine which was wonderful.  I felt sorry for my beloved as the weather in Harrogate was more overcast and cold, but was glad when it began to improve a little for him, before I returned.  We took the train to Geneva and one of the ways we rode in a double-decker train, which was really fun.  It made the holiday more of an adventure.  On arrival in Geneva we found a café for a traditional ‘petit déjeuner’ of croissant and coffee.  It was just right for us.  We had had a mug of porridge before we left, which Cathy had brought from England with her. We only needed to add hot water and her microwave made us perfect porridge.  We then explored Geneva and Cathy pointed out all the attractions notably ‘le jet d’eau’; a fountain of water emerging from the lake, which was easily visible from the other side of the Lake.  We walked quite close to it.  We walked up high to get good views of Geneva.  We could see Mont Blanc and Evian from different parts of the lakeside.  As it was so lovely and warm and sunny we were able to go onto the lake and have a fondue for our lunch.  It was amazing to be sitting in the warm sun eating a delicious fondue.  It was very filling but delicious.  We then explored a bit more. At one point Cathy took me up to where the United Nations Building was with its display of so many national flags, but I was most impressed by the giant broken chair; it symbolised the many innocent civilians still dying in war and conflict in nations. Civilians should not be just collateral damage but be seen as the human beings they are; mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters.   Cathy was disappointed not to be able to show me a flowerbed shaped like a clock face, but I was not, as we had such brilliant weather and I had seen so much of what she had to show me.  When we returned to Nyon we went to the supermarket and Cathy bought a few things for us to have at her room.  As she was going to be starting back to work the next day we went to bed in good time.

As she started at 7am we were up early for me to get to the station, although I was not flying back until later that morning.  I relaxed and had a coffee and croissant in a café before getting on a train.  I arrived in good time at Geneva airport and got through into the main waiting area.  As instructed by Cathy who is the perfect instructor for travelling, I bought some bottled water, and sandwiches to eat on the flight.  I went to the duty free shop I found some gifts to take back for my beloved, Beth and Hilary.  I bought chocolates back for them all together with a soft toy rabbit for my beloved and Beth.  Soon I was ready to board the Easy Jet flight to Liverpool.  I only had hand luggage so I did not have to queue to board, again thanks to Cathy’s assistance.  On board the plane I ate my sandwiches and decided to buy a special gift to my beloved; an Easy Jet fun plane.  The flight was early arriving in Liverpool, where my lovely elder daughter Beth, bless her met me.  Cathy, bless her, kept her informed about my flight so she knew exactly when to arrive.  Soon we were on the way home.  My lovely daughters gave me a really good break.  I am so lucky with my daughters.  My beloved was relieved to have me safely home and enjoyed my gifts, saving the chocolates for Easter and playing with the fun plane.  Piper was absolutely overjoyed to have me back home to make his family complete!

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4 Responses to A splendid visit to Switzerland with Cathy

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    this sounds like a wonderful trip – how nice to be able to see just where Cathy works (so glad to see the blogs coming forth again!)

  2. helenbeech says:

    It was a lovely time with Cathy in Switzerland and I am so glad I went. Now since your letter I have got back to writing again and I feel happier. It seemed daunting to me to start again. Thanks for getting me to start again!

  3. Alex says:

    Wow, amazing weblog layout! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The whole look of your site is excellent, let alone the content material!

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