Sunday April 9th Palm Sunday at Wesley Chapel

On April 4th I went to the New Wine group and it was good to have a time of prayer and worship.  It is so peaceful and encouraging when we meet and share even though it is only an hour and a half.

On Wednesday Martyn our gardener came and worked manfully on his first main gardening session in the rain!!  I felt sorry for him but he ploughed on with it.

On Palm Sunday our minister Rev Trevor Dixon led us in a service of meditation on the passion.  Worship began with the Lenten Candle Liturgy.  We sang all the verses of the Tree of Life.  Another candle was extinguished as we acknowledge the darkness and pain of illness and disease in the world.  We prayed that we would make the choices which encourage the well-being of the earth, ourselves and our neighbours, learning from Jesus how to be compassionate, just and inclusive in all we say and do.  Trevor led the prayers and the Lord’s Prayer.

He then explained that we would be having a series of readings and symbols would be brought out to the front.  The first symbol was the palm branch added to the cross after the reading from Matthew 21.1-11.  We sang, ‘Children of Jerusalem’ before the reading from Matthew 26. 26-29 before bread and wine was brought out to place by the cross.  We sang ‘Be known to us in breaking bread’ before Matthew 26.14-16 was read and the third symbol of the moneybag was brought out. We sang two verses from ‘Christ is the world’s life, Christ and none other’ before John 14.1-14 was read and the symbols of the towel and a basin were brought out.  We sang,’ Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love,’ before Mark 15.16-20 was read and the crown of thorns and purple robe were brought and draped round the cross.  We sang, ‘O sacred head, sore wounded’, before John 18.38-John 19.1 and the symbol of the whip was added to the cross.  We sang, ‘We may not know, we cannot tell what pains he had to bear’ before the Matthew 27.15-50 was read and the symbol of the nails and hammer; the nails being hammered into the cross, which was moving and dramatic.

Trevor gave a meditation – Gone wrong?  We sang, ‘When my love for Christ grows weak’ reminding us that we are on a journey with God towards the cross, encouraging us to live as people of promise. Trevor said the prayer of dismissal and the grace.  We all found the service moving and profound.

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