Piper and I caught in a thunderstorm

On Tuesday or Wednesday this week I was out walking with Piper and it began to rain heavily. That did not bother Piper at first as he loves his walk but the rain got worse and we were walking through a small wooded area, when we first heard the thunder!  Immediately Piper’s tail went down between his legs and he stayed right next to me.  As the thunder seemed close we got out of the wood into the field and as Piper was so scared, I began to head for home.  However the lightning and thunder came closer and closer together, so we made a determined effort to speed up.  It seemed to take ages as Piper kept shrinking into the wall then rushing towards home with each clap of thunder.  I too wanted to get home. Piper’s tail only went up when we were safely in the house!  He was like me a drowned rat!  He needed to be close to us as my beloved attempted to dry him, by rubbing him with the towel and putting the fire on. I had to change my clothes completely as I had got soaked through my supposedly waterproof coat!   Piper kept close to my beloved nuzzling into his body.  That evening he was nervous of possible thunder, especially if an aeroplane sounded loud above; it took most of the walk for Piper to recover his confidence and his tail went up, to show he felt happier!

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