A celebration and a need to recuperate

On Wednesday May 3rd Martyn came to do our garden as usual but it was a special day; his birthday, so I had some cake for him.  Some of which he took home to share with his wife Rachel. The weather was good fortunately so that did not spoil his day.

On Friday I was looking forward to going back to the Acorn Centre, but on Thursday overnight I woke feeling as though I was going to be sick.  I was unable to be sick but felt so nauseous that on my return to bed, I had to rest upright so could not sleep well.  I realised when I could not move out of bed the next morning that I had better ring with my apologies to the Acorn Centre as I felt so unwell.   I had had a sore throat the previous day.  I rested all that day and the next as I was due to preach on the Sunday and hoped to have a voice, so I did not let them down.


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