Friends and Family Time

On Monday April 24th Cathy and I met with Kristina, baby Henry and Grandma Alice, Kristina’s mum at a café, which specialises in accommodating families for an afternoon tea; our lunch together.  Henry is really growing up and is such a lovely boy.  He enjoys life with Grandma or Grandpa for a day, and a couple of days with a child minder, whilst Kristina works part-time.  We enjoyed miniature sandwiches and cakes and enjoyed catching up with our news.  Time flew and I brought a couple of cakes back for my beloved. The café is really a get together place for women and children, so I found it relaxing. At the end Kristina who is very careful about not allowing Henry too many sweet things, asked him if he would like one of the cupcakes and he chose a chocolate one!  He said with enthusiasm as he bit into it; ‘Nice!!’  It disappeared quickly. He  is good at eating fruit and vegetables though!

On Tuesday I had my hair done which was lovely.  Sinead is a brilliant hairdresser and I enjoy our chats.  In the evening I went to the Fair-trade group meeting, in which we discussed what we had been involved in this year and prepared for the forthcoming coffee day on May 13th.  I said that I would not be able to help this year as my beloved was having a minor operation on that day, so I had to be available to pick him up and look after him at home after the procedure.  I did agree to bake my usual 2 Apple fruit cakes, one gluten free, and caramel shortbread for the coffee day and drop them off on the Friday evening.

On Thursday I met with Brian for our prayer time, which was helpful to us both.  I had a phone call from the Acorn Centre to say that the computer class was starting on the Friday, but as I had not expected that I explained I could not go that week and they understood.

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