An eventful week especially for my beloved

On May 8th my 65th birthday I had a busy day.  I had an appointment with the doctor in the morning as my right arm was still painful after Piper had pulled me over months before and I had landed heavily on that arm.  My right thumb was also very painful and I was finding it increasingly difficult to write.  Dr Atkinson referred me for an x-ray, although I did not think anything was broken, as I could move my hand afterwards.  The x-ray proved very helpful; it was not broken but there was arthritis in the base of my right thumb.  However the doctor had referred me for physiotherapy for my arm.  When I saw the physiotherapist he was pleased to see how flexible I was and showed me that my right arm was weaker than my left arm.  The muscle needed strengthening so he gave me some exercises to do.  He told me that I could get an injection in my thumb at the doctors to help with the arthritis.  I made an appointment and was able to have an injection in the base of my right thumb, which was painful but improved it and I can use it better now, as it is less painful.  I was discharged last Wednesday from the physiotherapy as my arm is stronger now, but I must continue my strengthening exercises.

My beloved had his pre-assessment on Monday afternoon for his arthroscopy the following Saturday.

On Thursday the sub-editor of Harrogate Advertiser came to talk to the Guild at Wesley Chapel.  He was interesting as he spoke of his background in Scotland and how he eventually was offered the job in Harrogate.  He talked about how they liked to be involved in local events and just needed to be informed, so that they could feature local activities.  There was a lively discussion and criticisms given to the sub-editor if something had not been reported or there seemed too many adverts.  However he fielded the comments well, as there is only a small team of reporters who have to be there at the right time to report in the paper.  The Advertiser group included the Ripon and Knaresborough local papers; articles varied in the publications so that local issues would be highlighted in the appropriate area.

On Friday I was finally well enough to help at the Acorn Centre with the computer. It was good to be back there.  On Friday evening I delivered my apple fruit cakes and caramel shortbread to Liz to take to the coffee morning for Fair-trade day at St Peter’s Church.  I could not help as I was taking my beloved into Harrogate Hospital for 7.30 am for an arthroscopy on his right knee.  I needed to be available to bring him home as soon as the procedure was over.  I took Piper out for his walk before popping into the local coffee morning at our former chapel to take some items for sale for the cause, before popping into the local shops to buy some things. I heard from the hospital that my beloved was ready to collect at about 11am.  I set off to collect him and only waited a short time, when he came out walking well with two sticks. He had not wanted a wheelchair!  It had all gone well, as the cartilage had nearly gone and bone was grating on bone.  He could not then go out even for a short walk for a couple of weeks.  He needed not to be left on his own for the first 48 hours. Beth, bless her walked Piper for me on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so I did not have to go out.  Beth was an absolute godsend. I watched the service on the television with my beloved as I had to be with him.  My beloved made a good recovery and found that once he could walk out again, that his knee felt better.

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