A week with friends and family

On Sunday May 21st in the afternoon there was a community activity on the Almsford Playing Field when my beloved’s friend’s group, ‘The Night Jars’ were to be playing so I drove near hoping to take my beloved.  My beloved was unable to walk any distance as he had only a week before had his arthroscopy.  I had asked if I could bring him in the car and then park the car, so he could join in.  The lady assured me that I would be able to drive up to the field, but in the event the road towards the access was blocked for cars and there was no steward to give me permission to drive down the road; we just had to return home, disappointed.   Later I said how disappointed we had been and was told it would have been fine to drive down!

On Monday lunchtime my friend Christine came over and we had a good chat over lunch at the M&S café.  We were expecting Joy, who I had also worked with in Wetherby, to join us; she did arrive later and it was so good to see her.

On Tuesday I helped Rosemary with her coffee morning at our chapel.  I enjoy chatting with the customers and I am coping better with it.

It was good to see Cathy on Wednesday. I went with her to an appointment and she came to see us but needed to return home early for a rest.

On Friday I enjoyed helping people with mental health difficulties with their computer skills.  It is good to help boost their confidence and skills.

On Saturday I enjoyed a relaxing massage; a treat one of my daughters had given me as birthday presents.  It is my favourite treat.

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