Our Beloved Grandson Alexander Stephen Gibson

I am sorry that I have not done a posting for so long, as I have  been very busy and not always very well in the latter part of last year. My younger daughter Cathy was overjoyed to find she was expecting a child after a long struggle to have a child.  Her early pregnancy went well apart from nausea and not being able to drink tea or coffee. Later she was able to enjoy decaffeinated coffee, but like her mum she could not enjoy a cup of tea until she had her baby.  As the baby grew and lay close to her back she found it increasingly hard to do much walking or activity before she had pains and needed to rest.  She went on maternity leave in early June, having found out she was expecting a boy.

In July we had the baby shower, an American import, when we looked at baby photos to match her friends and family as children to the adults they had become.  That was interesting and we had a quiz of activities Cathy and her husband had done as children; we had to guess their childhood activities.  That was fun and enlightening. Friends and family gave gifts.  We had to predict the arrival date of the expected big baby, mostly expected earlier than due date of August 22nd birth date, but we were all proved wrong when Alexander Stephen decided to be born after a difficult labour ending in an emergency caesarean at 2.26am on Sunday August 27th.  We were very relieved that he was a healthy 7lb 14oz baby.  Cathy was disappointed not to have had a normal delivery but Alexander lay face forward and got stuck so she needed the caesarean.   He was none the worse for the difficult labour and perfect in every way.

Beth my elder daughter was eager to meet her nephew on the following day, as was I to meet my grandson.  We arrived at the same time at the hospital and we were able to take Alexander for a walk round the ward, so Cathy could have a rest.  He looked a bit lost in his baby grow, but had intense eyes and seemed to like my yellow tee-shirt.  New auntie Beth and I, granny for the first time, are absolutely besotted with Alexander.  His Dad had been in supporting Cathy whilst she spent a few days recuperating in hospital.  Beth and I were in regularly to see Alexander and support Cathy as did her beloved husband whilst they were still in hospital.

She came home after about five days and then both she and her hubby were glad to see Beth and me coming in to spend time with them.  My beloved came to meet Alexander after he had arrived home.  He enjoyed meeting his step grandson and loves being grandpa.  After a couple of weeks Alexander came to see our home with mum and meet Piper, our dog.  He was intrigued and sniffed Cathy and then the baby and recognised him as part of his family!  When Martyn our gardener came in after tidying our garden and Cathy was changing Alexander, Piper barked protectively and did not want him to come too close to Cathy and Alexander!

When he was a month old he and Cathy joined Beth and me to celebrate Beth’s 39th birthday at the Table Table Restaurant at Hornbeam Park.  We were given a suitable table so we could eat with the pram nearby.  We took it in turns to hold him, so that Cathy could eat.  The people at the restaurant were very taken with Alexander.

Cathy is doing a great job feeding Alexander who has filled out well and enjoys his food, even though he has reflux.  He is full of smiles now and is strong.  He loves to push his legs down on his tiptoes.  Now at nearly 5 months old he smiles even more and he concentrates hard as he watches what is going on.  He now takes hold of toys and put out his hand to touch Piper’s soft coat; Piper decided it might be safer to get down from the couch in front of Alexander and retreat to a safer place!  Alex also loves the big teddy I have and loves sound and lights.  It melts my heart each time he smiles at me or my beloved, but rightly his devotion and most smiles are saved for his beloved mum!

This paragon of a baby needs to sleep more to give his mum more rest!  He is so interested in the world around him that he reluctant to sleep in the day more than ten minutes to half an hour at a time.  He can sleep longer at the night but often needs several times of settling to get him to stay asleep.  Cathy’s beloved hubby spends the later evening settling Alexander so Cathy can get some much needed sleep at least till the early hours.  He gives him a bottle at that time.  Alexander is a great joy to us all, being more and more interesting each week we see him.  We are so fortunate and happy.

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  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    welcome back to Helen’s famous blogs. Delighted to hear all about Alexander

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