Health struggles for my beloved

My beloved has not had a good year with his health.  He had inflammation of the gallbladder that made him really poorly.  Fortunately he improved with strong antibiotics but was then sent for a scan and it was confirmed that he had a lot of gallstones.  He was then referred for surgery, but the surgeon thought it would be better if he had another endoscopy to see if his reflux was the problem.  The endoscopy just confirmed that he had gastritis, but that was not causing his extra problems.  He was then sent another appointment to discuss the surgery, but unfortunately he had a minor stroke.

One evening he got up normally then crashed down, as he could not feel his right foot and ankle so lost his footing.  We rang 111 and the unqualified advisor insisted on asking a list of questions, most of which were not pertinent to his problem.  When he fell he landed on the dog, which nicked his ear, due to shock not malice.  It bled slightly so when my beloved was asked if he was bleeding, he explained what had happened.  She appeared more and more concerned about the dog and whether he had felt the symptoms before he fell; although he kept telling her that he had fallen at the same time as he had not felt his foot!  In the end he got so frustrated that he put the phone down.  She rang back and told us that an ambulance was on its way!!

Before the ambulance arrived we were told to put our dog in another room.  When the ambulance arrived they had been told that my beloved had been bitten by the dog which had caused a stroke!!  I explained that we did not think it was a stroke and that he had only just caught my beloved’s ear when he landed on the dog’s head! They did not know he had had a fall! They checked my beloved’s blood pressure, which had gone up and checked that he could walk and balance, which he could, so my beloved decided he did not need to go into hospital then.  He was told however to go to his GP after the weekend urgently.

We got an appointment on Monday and the GP was very thorough in examining my beloved.  He was put on two tablets to prevent a more serious event and referred to the TIA clinic.  The very next morning he was called to the hospital and had a CT scan and other checks as his BP was raised.  As he still had symptoms in his foot, the consultant did think he had had a TIA, but a minor stroke which had not left any lasting damage.  We were very impressed by the thoroughness of the clinic at Harrogate District Hospital.

When the appointment for surgery came he was told that it would be too much risk to operate as it could cause a major stroke; so the surgeon discharged him.  Nothing could be done for at least 6 months, but even then it would be a greater risk than even another gall bladder infection.  Since then my beloved has had increased episodes of pain from his M.E.  Sleep is still illusive for him.

Our dog Piper is a comfort to him and gives us so much joy.  He still enjoys his walks and sleeping under the duvet with us.  He had an abscess of the anal gland, so needed two courses of antibiotics and two visits to the vet, before he was on the way to recovery.  It is lovely to see him back to himself now.  He is so important to us both.

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