Beth’s Accident and Recovery

On October 4th I had a phone call from Owen, Beth’s lodger to let us know that she had had a bad accident on her bike and had damaged her face.  I waited to hear how it was going as I did not know when to go to the hospital.  The ambulance people called me to say they were taking her to the hospital. It took them 45 minutes to get Beth into the ambulance.  I went there to wait for her.  She arrived after me, but I waited till we could see her.  She looked better than I had expected as her face had been washed and she had a bandage on her chin.  She was obviously in a lot of pain and could not move her arm.  I waited till she was admitted at 10pm.  We were back visiting the next day; I went and met Cathy and baby Alexander with Beth.   We were glad to be there to give her support.  She needed morphine to cope with the pain of a fractured jaw and her fractured right upper humerus.  She was awaiting transfer to York for her jaw fractures to be repaired.  Originally she was to be transferred on the Thursday, but it was not until Saturday she was finally transferred.  On Sunday she had plates fitted to her right jaw in two places and her left jaw was left to heal on its own.  She hoped to be transferred to Harrogate hospital as she was still in a lot of pain, but they discharged her to us on Tuesday 10th October.

On October 7th I had had my flu jab and the pneumonia vaccination and the next day I felt so ill that I had to stay at home on Sunday.  I rang the doctor on Monday as my left arm was swollen and painful, but found that it was not infected, but that I had had a bad reaction.  The doctor on the phone told me to take antihistamine to deal with the symptoms.  It did help a little, but it took months to feel normal again.  It was sore to the touch for a long time.  I was then unable to go to collect Beth from York hospital, so she was brought to us by an ‘Age UK’ driver.  She could hardly move as she was in so much pain.  We rang her surgery to ask for help with the pain; we explained she could not manage to go to the surgery as she was in so much pain.  A doctor came and prescribed Tramadol and morphine, which I had to collect from an afterhour’s chemist.

I had to dress, undress and wash for the first 4 weeks, as she could not move her arm and had to keep it still in the sling.  For me to help her dress she had to lean forward, so her arm fell forward, and it was very painful.  After 4 weeks she began physiotherapy and gradually that helped her to dress herself, wash herself and finally undress herself, so she could return home after 7 weeks with us. We took her to various appointments with the orthopaedic consultant, physiotherapy and for checkups for her jaw.  Cathy’s hubby’s mum, Margaret helped with taking Beth to some appointments which was good.

Beth’s wonderful lodger looked after her 4 cats and Beth’s bungalow, whilst she recovered with us.  Her dog, Chase was looked after by her dog walker, as we could not have coped with another dog here as well as Piper.  She then started on a phased return to work, gradually increasing her hours, but needed to travel by bus.  Now she can move more easily but is having speech therapy as her speech is not as clear as it was, but with exercises and rest it is improving.  I

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