July 11th Service at Berwick Grange MHA

On July 11th I led worship at Berwick Grange Methodist Home for the Aged.  We began worship as we sang ‘To God be the glory, great things he has done!’  I led the prayers of praise, thanksgiving, confession, and intercession and the Lord’s Prayer.  I read excerpts from Genesis 24 before we sang ‘Just as I am, without one plea.’  For the talk I acted out the story of Abraham, now an old man, sending his servant to his relatives to find a wife for Isaac, after the death of his mother Sarah.  The servant prayed to be led by God to the right family and woman.  The servant’s prayers were answered, when he arrived in Mesopotamia to where Abraham’s relative Nahor lived.  A young woman Rebecca offered him a drink and watered his camels, just as he had prayed.  Then she turned out to be the daughter of Nahor’s son, Bethuel, relatives of Abraham.  Just as the servant had prayed Rebecca agreed to come and marry Isaac and he was comforted after the death of his mother.  Worship finished when we sang, ‘Ye servants of God, your master proclaim.

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