Let’s remember those who have nothing, we who have more than enough!

Hello everyone!  Today is another lovely day of bright sunshine after a chilly start; I do love this weather.  It was so good to have my Sunday treat of a lie in, no 20 minute workout, and leisurely reading in bed.  It is a lie in if I stay in bed until 8.30am before I have a shower.  I then have a bowl of cereal, instead of my daily porridge, a fruit juice, a boiled egg and toast and jam; the latter is only a weekend treat!  I feel so relaxed as I drive to pick up May to take her to the church.  She comes with me when I preach often too, so I must be careful not to repeat the same stories too often!  It was an interesting service about the work of a Methodist couple in Ghana. The preacher Dorothy and her husband went out there 35 years ago to set up a clinic to serve the poor community who lived by the lake.  She is a nurse and her husband is very practical; they helped educate and help pregnant women to be healthy, and taught them how to wean their children, who they breast fed until the next child was born. They helped protect them from cholera, Malaria, and vaxinated the children to protect them from measles, small pox, TB and other childhood illnesses, which would prove fatal, so many children died before the age of 5.  Now the work continues with an American Methodist Minister and his wife who is a Brazilian doctor, who treats the people; the problem now is the number of Aids orphans, apparently 200 are infected daily with the catastrophic disease.  Prayer is needed, funding is needed for the Jernigans to help those who are too poor to pay for their own care; at the moment they are rebuilding a house for a doctor to attract a Ghanaian doctor to come to work there.  It is a challenge to us all; we are so fortunate to have so much, a home, plenty of food, and plenty of clothes.  We sang a Ghanaian version of Jesus loves me, this I know; which was good. 
We are now relaxing after a delicious chicken curry served with spiced wholegrain rice with stir fried peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes; every mouthful was a feast of flavours and I found myself grunting with approval as I ate.  We had a treat of apple strudel for our sweet.  My beloved made us an espresso each and now we are enjoying some green tea, relaxing and listening to the radio.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it. 
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