Another week has flown by!

Hello everyone!  This week was busy at work, although I went on a course on ‘Safeguarding Children Training’ on Thursday afternoon, which was interesting and challenging.  It is so difficult to know how to react if you see some abuse happening for example in a supermarket; would you intervene or is it safe to challenge the person?  We were told not to put ourselves in danger but if you knew the family you could make an anonymous call to the NSPCC or if it is seen on NHS premises then we were given the correct people to contact and inform them.  We were told how important it was to record the facts but not our speculations and keep the original piece of paper we wrote on, even if it was just a scrap of paper.   Any concerns would be recorded even if the family had not been known to have any problems, and if more incidents were subsequently logged then further action would be taken.  I hope I am never in such a position to have to take such an action.  However if I am I hope I will have the wisdom to act in the correct way to protect a vulnerable child or indeed a vulnerable adult.


I have finished my antibiotics and hope that I can now get back to feeling my usual self.  I am feeling better than I have for a while, but want to make sure I have finally thrown off the remnants of the flu, before I get back to my exercise regime again.


It has been lovely to see Cathy a few times this week, as she has been home.  Tomorrow she and Ken are going to stay in the Hilton at Manchester airport, as she flies home on Sunday, so they can enjoy some special time together on Valentine’s Day.  I am glad she has had a nice relaxing time this week, as she needed to.


On Wednesday I had lunch with my former colleague at work, Christine, who is now caring for her grandson Isaac full time.  We had a lovely relaxing lunch at the Café Culture, where we found ourselves dozing off after a lovely lunch of homemade vegetable soup and in my case spicy chicken in Nan bread with mango chutney and a side salad, whilst Christine enjoyed a toasted cheese and ham sandwich.  She commented on how lovely it was to have some adult conversation!!  It was so good to catch up with her news and we have provisionally arranged to meet again in a month, when I shall meet her nearer her home and have lunch with her in Wetherby.  I look forward to that.  I have some really good colleagues and friends at work; I am so fortunate to love my job and have such good people to work with.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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