A week of relaxation and celebration

It was lovely to have Bank Holiday Monday to relax at home without having to get up early. An enjoyed an extra day to relax with my beloved. It meant that I only had one day at work on Tuesday May 6th, as I had taken Thursday 8th off for a holiday as it is my birthday! I had a busy day at work on the Tuesday as I wanted to get as up to date as I could. My beloved had his necessary treatment of acupuncture from his physiotherapist on Tuesday afternoon as it helps relieve a lot of his muscle pains and on occasions can energise him more, although he still has to pace himself if he is having a good day so he does not overdo it and suffer payback later.

It was good not to be quite as busy as usual on Wednesday, as my day off is usually my busiest day trying to do all the jobs I otherwise have little time for. It was a treat to have the opportunity for a further lie in on my birthday. What made it even better was that Beth also had my birthday as her day off, so she joined my beloved and me for a lunch out at ‘Table Table’ restaurant. I have a card which opens me to offers and I had been given a reward of a free main course for my birthday. We enjoyed our meal with some lovely dry white wine. Later on we shared a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. I enjoyed opening up my presents once my beloved had got up and Beth had joined us; I still love birthdays and enjoy the excuse to celebrate. I think we were all rather spoilt on our birthdays as we grew up; I am the fifth of six children and my parents always made our birthdays special, so I always love them. I am so fortunate to get such lovely presents from my family and work colleagues are also so generous. I feel so blessed to be happily married and to have two lovely caring daughters, who make my life complete. I am always reminded of the chorus; ‘Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!’

I took a large Waitrose chocolate cake perfect for sharing into the Acorn Centre on the Friday to share my birthday joy with the staff and students. I enjoy helping the students improve their computer skills and thereby their confidence at the Centre. On Saturday I took some items and a donation for the coffee morning at my former chapel as we raise money for various charities and that one was in aid of a holiday for deprived children. Unfortunately I did not have time to stay, as I was going onto a Theology morning talk at St Mark’s Church led by a speaker I admire, Elaine Storkey. My next blog will describe what I learnt from her talk.

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