How do I manage it?

Hello everyone!  I have had two busy days at work and I even went into work this morning to see if I could catch up with work, as the secretary was at a course today.  I had a useful couple of hours work and was able to cover for the receptionist when she had to go out for a moment. 


I have enjoyed the rest of the time with my beloved.  It is lovely and cosy here with the curtains drawn and our gas fire flickering cheerfully.  I have been organising files in a couple of my folders, and creating some new folders, which was going well, until I inadvertently put on the number lock key!   I suddenly could not modify any of my files, so I asked Malcolm to discover how to switch it off.  Bless him, he looked in the computer files, and found what to do.  I now know how to clear it, if I ever again accidently activate it!  It is so easy to do something on the computer and not know how it happened!  I had not realised that a laptop had the facility to use the number lock!  I use the number lock on a separate keyboard at work, as it is much quicker to add dates of birth and dates of documents, when I use that key.  However I see no need for it on a laptop keyboard.


I have enjoyed a more relaxing day listening to the radio, and just being with my beloved.  This evening I shall meet my best friend Hilary for a chat over a meal at Pizza Hut.  It is always good to see her.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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