A varied and informative day

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy day.  This morning I got up in good time, so I could get to Sainsbury’s when it opened at 8am.  I needed to shop early as I had a meeting at 9.45am, and I arrived at the supermarket just before it opened!!  I shopped, filled up with petrol, took plastics and cardboard to recycle, unpacked most of my shopping, and still arrived on time at the theology group.  The talk was given by Professor J K Elliot from Leeds University and ,the subject was the Apocryphal New Testament.    It was most interesting as he pointed out the large number of Christian writings that were circulating in the first centuries; an orthodox canon  of scripture was only agreed upon by the Eastern and Western churches in the 4th Century.  I felt that the right choices were made.  Some of the excerpts he read, from the apocryphal New Testament, seemed quite bizarre.  However it was fascinating to see its influences on Christian doctrine, particularly in the area of Mary; I had wondered where much of Catholic teaching had come from.  I like being stimulated by talks.
I relaxed over lunchtime with my beloved and enjoyed the radio play.  My beloved and I went for a short walk, and then spent some time chopping back some overabundant, and some old, growth in the garden.  I collected some blackberries and made some blackberry and apple sponges, whilst my beloved prepared tomorrow’s lunch, a chicken casserole with a difference.  We are now relaxing together and enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and some television.  I love spending time with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.
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